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logo design


During my time as a graphic designer for the University of Minnesota’s College of pharmacy, I was asked to design a logo for an upcoming pharmaceutical conference with the theme “Bridging Therapeutics and Technology.” When discussing the fundamentals of the design with my client, he said that he wanted to bring special attention to the the city and the state in which the 50th anniversary of this conference is being held: Minneapolis, Minnesota. With participants coming to this conference from all over the world, he wanted to show our pride in our city and our pharmacy program.

As soon as I heard the title of this conference, I knew I wanted to incorporate bridge imagery into the design. Minneapolis, as a city divided by a river, is full of bridges, and so the visual serves as a representation not only of the physical city but also of the connections that this program can create. Not only that, the bridge looks like an M, for some (arguably) subtle representation for the U of M.